Here's another great way to save money on filling up with Petrol. Get the Santander 1,2,3 credit card. Not only do you get 1% cashback at supermarkets, and 2% a department stores (not sure what that applies to), but you also get a whopping 3% cashback for petrol purchases. So with unleaded at around 130p/l, thats equivalent to almost 3p a litre discount! And of course you can still use other money saving vouchers such as discounts from supermarket petrol or reward schemes such as BP Nectar points and Shell Drivers Club.
At first glance this card seems to offer an amazing deal, however with all good deals there is a catch, and the catch is that there is a £24 a year annual charge. In order to earn this much in cashback from petrol you woul dhave to fill up with around £67 a month, so a little more than a full tank of petrol per month. IAlso the cashback is capped to only apply to the first £300 a month spent on petrol. However if you do a reasonable number of miles and fill up your car around once a month, then this card does offer you some excellent savings.