Car Financing

Financing Car Purchases: Knowing Your Options

Financing car purchases may be stressful not only to your mind and emotion but also to your pocket.  You need to save some cash for the endeavour even if you opt to pay on instalment basis rather than have it cashed out.  Well, of course aside from these two options in financing car purchases you may consider other alternatives that will make the choice more flexible.
Preparing on financing car purchases is more than just reading through the Internet or asking your friends on how the process goes on.  It also requires scrutinising a set of options before you decide to buy.  You will realise that there are many things to go over with when financing car purchases and once you accept any of these choices, there is no turning back.  Again, all things boil down to preparation.  Know your options in financing car purchases and decide about which route to take later on.

Basic options when financing car purchases

Whilst cash out and instalment basis are said to be very popular things to consider when financing car purchases, it pays to elaborate more on these two.  Knowing more about these guides on financing car purchases will also prepare you to exhaust other alternatives. 

  1. Cash out basis.  Financing car purchases on cash out basis requires you to prepare the whole amount once you decide to buy the car.  It may require you some time to be able to come up with the total amount unless your salaried job is more than what you and your family needs.  Before deciding to undergo this financing car purchases scheme, think if you are ready to shed off cash ranging in between £13,000 to £20,000.
  2. Instalment basis.  Next to cash out, you will certainly think of instalment basis for financing car purchases.  In this basic type of financing endeavour, you are required to pay a certain percentage of the total amount, say 20% to 30%, before you will be allowed to pay the rest in staggered basis.  The remaining 70% to 80% will be distributed for the rest of the term you have applied for if you undergo such an option for financing car purchases.

Other options to think of when financing car purchases

Besides the basic options, there are other options to think of when financing car purchases.  These ones are considered more flexible in one way or the other than the first two since they give you a chance to lengthen your alternatives.  Look into the following options for financing car purchases and see why you may opt for them too:

  1. Hire purchase.  This is synonymous to a leasing option for financing car purchases.  As a traditional way to financing car purchases, a lot of Europeans have already underwent this strategy.  This type of car financing is arranged directly though the help of a dealer.  You may also get quotes from financing companies and see what will suit your budget best.  As long as you have not repaid the total purchase price of the car plus interests and other charges, you will not own it.
  2. Personal car loan.  This type of option for financing car purchases is patterned from the instalment basis where you are required to establish professional relationship with financing companies. This means that the company should have established your capacity to pay.  With this scheme for financing car purchases, you are able to buy the car outright and just pay what is due to the financing company on a monthly basis.  The interest of this one is lower than the hire purchase scheme.
  3. Car lease.  Another popular option to finance car purchases is through car lease.  Through this scheme, you need to pay for a monthly amortisation that you have agreed with the leasing company.  The term usually lasts from two to four years.  Once the end of the term commences, you need to give back the car to the company unless you stipulated in the contract that you will buy it.  This type of financing car purchases is somewhat discouraging for some knowing that ownership is not transferred at the end of the lease agreement.
  4. Personal contract plan. This type for financing car purchases is a combination of the car lease and the hire purchase options.  At the end of the term, you may decide to buy the car outright or just walk away and look for another car to purchase.  This plan for financing car purchases is calculated by the dealer in terms of the amount that you need to pay at the end of the term considering what you have invested plus the interest that goes with it.

With all these options in financing car purchases, which one will you choose in the end?  Well the decision should be made once you have analysed each scheme.  If you are having a hard time deciding on what to do, it will help if you compare and contrast the amounts attached to these financing car purchases schemes.  Try to determine what will benefit you the most.