Free Fuel

Fuel Giveaways

Every now and then the suffering motorist will be cut a break and find a bargain that saves them a small fortune on filling their car up with petrol.

Fuel Giveaway Competitions

The starkest example of this is the recent fuel giveaway where £20,000 of petrol was given away to motorists in London. This particular fuel giveaway was run by Electronics Arts to promote their new game and caused absolute chaos on the roads as people tried to cash in on the free petrol (£40 per tank).

A far more controlled petrol giveaway is the Norwich Union Free Fuel Friday where people can enter a competition to win £25 worth of free fuel vouchers. All you have to do is enter via their online website, or listen to your local radio station if you live in the South East of England. This competition runs until the 26th Sept 2008.

The number of free fuel competitions doesn t end there. Emailinform are offering the chance to win a year s free fuel (calculated to be £2401.34 a year based on a Ford Focus achieving 30.4mpg and driving 15,000 miles a year). To enter the free fuel competition you need to sign up on their website and then fill in a number of marketing questions. The price draw is on the 23rd October 2008.

There are plenty of other free fuel offers out there, usually associated with filling in online forms, doing market research or even signing up to other offers and deals. Some financial companies will offer free fuel giveaways from time to time, for example in January 2008 Barclays offered £80 worth of free fuel to all those who signed up to its Barclaycard Leisuretime credit card.

Free Fuel With Money Off Vouchers

The surest way to get free fuel however is to look for the money offer deals that are available from supermarkets and independent stores. From time to time both Sainsburys s and Tesco s will offer 5p off per litre of fuel, usually if you spend over £50 whilst shopping at their main store. If you are canny about this you can get quite a bit of free fuel. For example if you have a very large shop to do and you think it will come in at over £100 then simply split the load into two when you go to the cashier. You may get some funny looks but you ll end up with two money off petrol vouchers instead of one, giving you twice as much fuel for free. Another trick is to ensure that your car is almost empty before filling up and using the voucher, and its not clear whether you could fill up a jerry can of fuel at the same time to squeeze that little extra out of the money off voucher.

And finally, don t forget those loyalty cards and credit cards. Often you can purchase your fuel and gain points, tokens, or rewards for filling up. Just chose the best combination of loyalty card and credit card to make your pounds go further at the pump!