Car Radio / Stereo

Guide to Car Radio/Stereo Systems

The Importance of the Radio Head Unit

Avid lovers of radio/stereo systems tend to concentrate on owning the best existing amplifiers and speakers in the world. However, the importance of having a head unit that suits your ideal personal wants and needs is just as important, if not more. Regardless of which additional features you wish to have, you need to ensure that the head unit comes with huge buttons that can easily be reached while you are on the road. A highly visible LCD or LED display, no matter what the light conditions, would also be of the utmost essence. Be careful of smaller buttons and LCD displays that cannot be seen during the day. If your car is compatible and you have the money to spare, several head units can provide certain controls that are connected to your steering wheel, giving you the chance to keep your hands on the wheel while you alter the volume or change stations. The head unit is the most important factor when it comes to top car radio/stereo systems.

The Importance of the Car Radio/Stereo System Media

Car Radio/stereo systems usually come with a head unit that can provide either a tape deck or a CD player. Your choice should depend on whether you have more tapes or CDs in your possession.
Most radio/stereo systems nowadays are capable of storing any kind of media type, from CDs to MP3 players to USB memory cards. In order to find the best radio/stereo system for you, decide how you wish to carry your music with you.

If you are an MP3 user, search for radio/stereo systems that come with an MP3 input or an iPod dock.

If you a CD user, though, you are incredibly lucky since you have the most options for radio/stereo systems in the market. Opt for a radio/stereo system that can be connected to external players, as well as allows you to change discs, shuffle through discs and skip tracks at will. For a more basic choice, opt for an in-dash radio/stereo system that can read various CDs at a convenient and reachable location.

The Importance of Car Radio/Stereo System Speakers

The majority of car radio/stereo systems in the market use various kinds of speakers: tweeters, mid-ranges, and woofers. Tweeters are the smallest speakers that can transmit sounds of the highest frequency. Mid-ranges and woofers transmit sounds of medium and low frequency only