Asda Petrol

ASDA Petrol Prices – Saving you money on petrol today

ASDA supermarket was formed in the 1920’s by a group of dairy farmers, it was called Hindells Dairies. Its first supermarket was operating under the name of Queens  and opened in Castleford in the early 1960’s.  By 1965 it had merged with Associated Dairies, this creating  the brand we know today as ASDA.  Like all supermarkets, ASDA has diversified into many areas offering different products and services.  In 1999 ASDA was purchased by the Wal-Mart group for £6.7 billion.  After the takeover ASDA kept it’s roots in Yorkshire by building a new headquarters.  In 2009 after some restructuring,   Wal-Mart sold ASDA to one of its own subsidiaries, Corinth services Ltd and this ensured it remained under Wal-Mart control.

ASDA filling stations

ASDA operates 160 filling stations across the country.  Their fillings stations are conveniently located at the major store sites making it quick and convenient to fill up.  ASDA filling stations are a no frills affair, they do not have shops at the filling stations and all of the fuel has to be purchased at the pump.  Whilst this speeds things up because you are not waiting for someone to do their weekly shop whilst buying fuel it means you can’t pay in cash.  All stations provide disposable gloves at the pumps, there are  air and water filling services are also located on the forecourt.  As for the future of ASDA filling stations it would seem sensible to assume that they will be offering more refueling options as the demand for  electric and hydrogen options gathers pace. se the map below to find Asda petrol stations and fuel prices, or use their own store locator to find all Asda supermarkets.

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ASDA and the fuel price war

The current petrol price hikes have meant that competition between all of the major supermarkets and fuel retailers has been fierce; ASDA has been leading the way by offering some of the cheapest petrol at the pumps. 
ASDA does not offer a reward scheme or offer incentives for using its filing stations, but choose to keep it simple by offering the most competitive prices.  However if you have an ASDA reward credit card you can earn reward points with additional incentives for purchasing ASDA fuel.

ASDA currently sells the following fuel types.

  • diesel
  • unleaded

Yes, thats correct, they only sell standard diesel and standard unleaded fuel!

ASDA and the environment

ASDA is working hard to ensure it that its green credentials are in line with its competitors.  It boasts that it has reduced its carbon emissions over the last two years by 83,000 tonnes and that through energy saving initiatives in has made its stores 20% more efficient.  In an attempt to cut its fleet emissions by 40%, it has introduced double deck trailers and is actively trying to use rail wherever possible. ASDA, like all the other major supermarkets has diversified into different products and services and the motorist has certainly not escaped this attention.  ASDA currently offers Car, van and bike insurance as well as breakdown cover.  As you would expect the cost of these services is offered to the consumer at a competitive price.