Esso Petrol

Esso Petrol Prices

In these difficult financial times consumers are looking for value for money.  ESSO offer high quality fuels with a wide range of products and services for the motorist.  In this competitive market can ESSO offer something to entice customers away from the other big brands?


ESSO is an international trade name used by ExxonMobil.  ExxonMobil is an American corporation whose headquarters are based in Irving, Texas, it is the world largest publicly traded petroleum and petrochemical company.  The corporation can trace its lineage all the way back to as early as 1880 when a group of Canadian refiners formed Imperial Oil.  ESSO as a brand was first seen in 1923 and is still seen today around the world although in America it’s branded as Exxon.

Where ESSO petrol stations operate

ESSO operates nearly 900 branded fuel stations and owns 600 of them directly across the UK, making them one of the biggest chains.  They can be found alongside motorways, A roads and towns and cities.  Outside the UK they operate fuel stations all over the world.

ESSO petrol types

ESSO offers 3 types of fuel:

  • ESSO Energy Supreme, unleaded 97.
  • ESSO Energy unleaded, 95.
  • ESSO Energy Diesel.

All of these fuels claim to keep your engine clean, reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and improve engine performance.

Promotions and rewards at ESSO

ESSO do not offer a reward scheme in the UK, however in parts of Europe and the entire USA you can enjoy many benefits from their loyalty scheme. Maybe they should offer one in the UK, given the competitiveness of the market, come on ESSO!

You can get an ESSO card if you are a business or fleet owner.  It has many benefits for managing your fleet administration and covers an extensive network of filling stations.

Extra services at ESSO petrol stations

Most of the filling stations have a basic snack and shop store selling everything you need to keep on the move 24 hours a day.  The ESSO owned service stations have enhanced this to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment to stop for a bit longer. These service stations are called “On the run”.  These provide an array of products ranging from cafés serving fresh coffee, pastries and sandwiches as well as the usual groceries.  Many of the service stations also offer pay at the pump technology to help keep fuel only customers on the move.

ESSO has also forged an alliance with Tesco.  Tesco provide the customers with even more choice at some 200 petrol station across the country making it possible to pick up a good selection of items without having to go to a main supermarket.

ESSO petrol and the Environment

ESSO introduced their Energy brand to provide cleaner engines and fewer emissions.  They are actively involved in many projects within the motor industry to try and improve the efficiency of our vehicles.  Projects range from working on advanced bio fuels, improved tyre technology, hydrogen fuel cells and advanced motor oil but to mention a few.  ESSO are also working hard to reduce the impact on the environment when carrying out oil exploration and claim to have had 0 spills in Exxon owned and operated marine vessels.  They also claim to have reduced their combined emissions by 35% since 2005.

Why to choose ESSO petrol for fuel

ESSO takes great care to provide excellent fuel and facilities at their filling stations.  They provide a wide range of products and services and can be found in many locations.  However the lack of incentives for the consumer may not appeal to the mass market consumers who may choose to look for more offers and incentives elsewhere.