Morrisons Petrol

Morrisons Petrol Prices and Fuel Stations

There are numerous choices for where to buy your fuel today but you need to make sure you are paying the best price and being rewarded for your loyalty. Register for a fuel card for buying petrol at Morrisons and collect vouchers for the supermarket to help reduce your weekly shopping bill (details as of Feb 2011)

Morrisons Supermarket history

William Morrison, a butter and egg merchant began trading in 1899 from a market stall in Bradford.  As the demand for his products grew he expanded the business continually and in 1961 he opened the first Morrisons supermarket in Bradford.  The supermarket chain remained exclusively in the north until 1998 when it opened its first store in the south of England.  The business continued to grow and expansion rapidly followed with stores opening in Wales and Scotland.  Morrisons has received many accolades over the years and its continued success has made it the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK with 403 stores.

Where can I find Morrisons petrol stations?

You can find Morrisons filling stations at their larger stores across the country.  They are conveniently located on the supermarket site making it easy for you to fill up when you shop. Use the map below to find Morrison petrol stations and fuel prices, or use their own store locator to find all Morrison supermarkets.

Also see Asda, Sainsburys, and Tescos fuel stations

Fuel options at Morrisons

Morrisons filling stations offer the expected unleaded petrol and diesel options.  However Morrisons is now one of the leading providers of LPG autogas in the country, this is available at 45 filling stations.

Services available at Morrisons filling stations

Morrisons filling stations have a simple store on the forecourt providing everything you need from groceries and fresh foods to newspapers and magazines, just what you need for the journey ahead.   They also have the added benefit of a car wash, jet wash and vacuum facilities.  You can pay for your fuel at the pump or in the forecourt store.

Pricing and Special discounts at Morrisons Petrol Stations

Morrisons offer some of the keenest fuel prices on the market as they have some tough competition from the other supermarket chains.  To entice consumers to buy fuel from Morrisons you can save extra money in store by signing up for one of their Morrison Miles Cards.  This card allows you to earn up to 15 Morrison Miles for every litre of fuel purchased.  Once you have collected 4995 miles on a single card (333 litres of fuel) they will give you a £5 voucher to use in store on your groceries.

Business users can also benefit as Morrisons have teamed up with fuelGenie.  The fuelGenie card is exclusively for use at supermarkets which means businesses can manage their fleet fuel at supermarket prices and get the advantage of monthly bills

Morrisons green credentials

Morrisons is working extremely hard to fulfill their part in helping the environment and are very proud of their achievements to date.  Since 2005 they claim to have saved over 240,000 tonnes of C02e, the biggest saving being in the use of electricity.  They say that their figures will remain on a downward trend and are committed to cutting CO2e and waste.  In addition to this they offer LPG autogas at many locations up and down the country, this helping you to reduce your own carbon footprint and save money.

Why should I fill up at Morrisons?

  • Excellent service
  • Conveniently located up and down the country
  • Competitively priced petrol and diesel
  • Fuel points can be exchanged for vouchers for use in store.