Texaco Petrol

Texaco Petrol Prices and Fuel Types

Finding the best place to fill up with fuel is difficult these days, what can Texaco offer the motorist over its competitors?


Texaco was founded in 1901 in Beaumont, Texas.  Back then it traded as the Texas Fuel Company.  It became the first fuel company in the USA to trade under one brand in all 50 states as well as Canada.  Since then it has expanded and become a global energy business which finds, develops and produces petroleum and natural gas; manufactures and markets fuel and lubricant products.  The Texaco brand first appeared in the UK in 1916 but by 1967 it merged and eventually took full ownership of the Regent Oil Company, this is when Texaco branded filling stations appeared in the UK.  In 2006 it became Chevron Ltd but it will still be branded as Texaco for the foreseeable future.

Texaco Filling stations

Today Texaco has a network of 1300 branded filling stations in the UK which are operated in towns and alongside major road networks.

Texaco petrol station services

Texaco filling stations are only branded as such and so they do vary in size and in the number of services available.  However most do have a convenience store on site providing all the expected refreshments and limited groceries you might need.  You can also find Chevron branded vehicle lubricants being sold exclusively in Texaco filling stations.

Diesel and petrol choices at Texaco

Texaco sell 3 different unleaded petrol brands of fuel at their filling stations:

  • Texaco Unleaded – regular unleaded for most vehicles
  • Texaco Power Plus – for higher performance engines
  • Texaco Power Premium – Where manufacturers recommend the use of premium fuel types.

All three of these fuel types benefit from Texaco’s branded fuel enhancement called Techron.  This claims to keep your engine free from deposits left by cheaper fuels and to improve emissions.

Texaco diesel is Ultra Low Sulphur, this meets the very strict guidelines set out for diesel fuels and claims to reduce particulate emissions from your engine.

Texaco fuel deals

Texaco operates a loyalty scheme in the UK called Texaco Star Rewards.  Basically if you spend £1 at the filling station you get 1 point (some exclusions apply).  When you have redeemed a minimum of 500 points you can exchange the points for Texaco vouchers or a gift card.  Saving more points gives you more options to trade your points for bigger rewards, a full list can be found on the Texaco web site.

Texaco also offers a fuel card for business users.  This gives the usual services of monthly bills and online management of transactions with the addition of all transactions earning Texaco Star Rewards.

Texaco petrol and green issues

Chevron, Texaco's parent company is as committed to the environmental issues like other operating global fuel companies are.  They are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment whether it’s in the field of oil exploration or the creation of cleaner more efficient fuels.

Texaco strongly believes that it can improve the efficiency of its own use of energy in all of its operations around the globe and has invested billions of dollars to achieve a reduction in its consumption.  In conjunction with this it has invested in renewable energy sources for its plants helping to reduce the amount of energy it needs to power its facilities around the globe.

What are the benefits using Texaco fuels?

  • Good choice of fuels with some good green credentials
  • Wide network of filling stations in the UK and Europe
  • Loyalty scheme
  • Premium lubricants and motor oil