Total Petrol

Total Petrol Stations in the UK and abroad

Total is one of the largest petrol retailers in the UK but what makes them different from the rest.  Petrol is cheaper at Total than many other garages (as of Jan 2011) and, when you buy Petrol at Total you can earn vouchers that you can spend on a wide range of products and services.  Take a look at why you might want to consider switching to Total.

The background of Total

When Total was found in France in 1924 it was called the Compagnie francais de petroles (CFP).  This multinational oil company has become one of the six major oil companies in the world with its businesses covering the entire oil and gas chain.  Today it employs around 96,000 staff in 130 countries.

Total first came to the UK in 1955 when Total Oil GB was set up and marketed.  It soon became a popular brand and rapidly expanded its chain of filling stations up and down the country. 

Where Total Petrol Garages can be found

Total have approximately 750 service stations up and down the country so you are never far away from one. They can be found both in cities and by motorways, and can provide you a great choice of fuel, food and beverages. 

Total fuel types

The next time you choose to fill up at a Total service station, these are the types of fuel you will find:

  • Excellium – this advanced fuel range is available in both unleaded and diesel.  It claims to offer more miles per tank full, lower harmful emissions and a cleaner engine.
  • Unleaded 95 – Totals standard unleaded fuel.
  • Diesel – Totals standard diesel fuel.
  • LPG – Total offers LPG or autogas at its filling stations as a cheaper and greener alternative to existing fuel types.

Total Rewards

Like all of the major fuel companies Total has a loyalty reward programme, it is called Total Rewards.  When you spend £30 on fuel you will be given a Total Rewards promotional voucher.  These vouchers can be used towards days out, holidays and eating out amongst other things, a full list of all the Totals participating partners can be found on their web site.  Vouchers can used straight away or accumulated but be warned that some promotions have a lifetime so your vouchers could become invalid.  Total helps you keep track of your vouchers online and if you register you will be entered into prize draws, it is worth checking out if you regularly use Total fuels.

Total service stations

Total provides a wide range of products and services at its service stations.  Convenience stores have been introduced across its network of filling stations.  They are well stocked and allow you to pick up some of the everyday essentials you might need.  In addition to this you can find fresh coffee, pastries and rolls in its cafes, some even have seating available so that you can take a break from your journey.

In addition to this you can find access to free air and water for your vehicle as well as some of the most advanced car washes.  If you regularly use their car washes you might consider opting for one of Totals car wash cards, this comes with the added incentive of Total topping up your card.  For example if you add £24 pounds to the card Total will top it up to £30, a full list of examples can be seen on their web site.

What is Total doing for the environment

Total UK is a responsible company who are committed to the environment and the communities in which their businesses can be found.  Their advanced formulae fuel Excellium claims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from engines by up to 5%.

As a business, they are working towards or have achieved some of the strictest targets for carbon  emissions and are actively supporting initiatives to help us all reduce our impact on the environment.  A lot more information and advice is available on their web site.     

What are the other benefits of filling up out petrol tank at a Total Garage?

  • Wide range of fuels with some good green credentials
  • Reward scheme and discounts
  • Convenience store and SPAR supermarkets
  • 24 hour opening at some stations