Best Diesel MPG

Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Most people realise that Diesel cars offer the potential to have the best MPG, along with other more fancy electric and hybrid cars. They do usually cost slightly more than their petrol counterparts, but Diesel cars can offer huge cost savings from fuel economy over the long run. The top fuel economy diesal cars (in terms of MPG) available on the market today are shown below (as of August 09).

All of the cars shown below in the car tax band A which means no tax needs to be paid on them!

  • Smart fortwo - 85.6 MPG
  • Seat Ibiza - 76.5 MPG
  • Ford Fiesta Duratorq - 76.3 MPG
  • Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion - 74.3 MPG
  • Toyota iQ - 65.7 MPG

The following cars also offer great miles per gallon of diesel, but do not quite make it into Band A, as the tax is actually calculated on C02 emissions per mile on the urban cycle rather than the combined cycle that we are using. The tax on these cars is £35 a year.

  • Suzuki Alto - 64.2 MPG
  • Nissan Pixo - 64.3 MPG
  • Volvo S40 - 72.4 MPG
  • Mini Cooper - 72.4 MPG
  • Peugot 107 Facelift - 61.3 MPG
  • Citron C1 - 62.8 MPG
  • Mazda2 - 68.9 MPG
  • Volkswagen New Golf - 68.9 MPG

How Efficient is your Car (What is its MPG)?

Use the form below to find out your diesel cars MPG and hence how fuel efficient your car is. Officially there are 3 measures of MPG in the UK but the exact efficiency of your car will depend on your driving practices. We use the combined cycle MPG which gives a fair representation of fuel efficiency under normal usage.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list for all cars, if you cannot find your cars MPG, or if you find that your car is performing differently to the figures quoted then please email us with the details of your car manufacture, the model number, year, fuel, engine size, current mileage your driving style…. and of course the MPG! We will then update our MPG database.