High MPG Used Cars

We are planning a series of posts to share useful tips from ourselves and others on how to reduce your motoring costs. We are pleased to present the following advice from motors.co.uk, we hope you find it useful

The most fuel-efficient second hand cars

When searching online or in a local newspaper to try to find your next car, there are many factors that can influence your decision – and many sacrifices that you may need to make. For a car that looks and handles beautifully you might be forced to decide on a 3-door option rather than a 5-door. Your budget might not stretch to a new car, but if you’re looking for a second-hand car instead there’s no reason why you should keep throwing money away even after you’ve made the purchase.

Fuel efficiency is something that’s causing any prospective car owner to think twice about the car they’re looking for. While the initial advice would be not to go for any old sports utility vehicle, what we need from our new car varies from person to person; some need to have a large vehicle in which to transport a big family or their business goods, while others should be content simply to own a runabout that will get them from A to B.

So with that in mind, searching for a particular type of second-hand car on websites like motors.co.uk is now even easier. As well as searching by make or model, these sites can now sort results for you by running cost; while you’d see an initial difference of a clear couple of grand between, for example, a Vauxhall Astra and a Volvo C30, it’s now even clearer up front which of these cars would save you money in the long run based on their fuel efficiency.

Once you’ve got a list of second-hand cars available in your postcode, try sorting these results by MPG (miles per gallon) and you’ll see which of the cars you’ve found will get the most bang for your tank-filling buck. With the price of petrol set to increase even more over the next few months, it’s definitely worth the extra investment now to get an engine that performs much more efficiently – not only will you recoup that extra spend over time, but you’ll save even more in the long run. Make sure to do some in-depth research – your wallet will thank you!