Britain is covered in a beautiful layer of snow, but this can make driving on our roads extremely treacherous. In these conditions you should only travel by car if it is absolutely necessary, and take precautions.
 - Slow down! Your stopping distances will be drastically increased, even if the roads are clear of snow and ice. This is because your tyres do not work as well when they are cold. And of course, if you are driving slowly you will have more time to react, and do less damage if you do spin off the road!
- Watch out for small patches of ice, in particular under bridges, on bends, or just on shaded parts of the road
- Use your brakes carefully, start to slow down far in advance of when your normally would.
- Take your time to de-ice the car windscreen in the morning, there is nothing worse than driving off whilst only being able to see out of a small peephole in the window.
- Make sure your car is winter ready, top up your windscreen washer with concentrated fluid. Check your battery is fully charged, oil is topped up, and tyres are in a road worthy condition.
- There's nothing wrong with packing a handy shovel (you can get fold away ones), a first-aid kit, a torch, a warm blanket, a thermos of tea and some bits of food (chocolate bars etc), just incase you do get stuck.
There are plenty more tips available for driving safely in winter, but above all just slow down and think before you set out and whilst you are driving.
Please add any comments you wish on other precautions to take whilst driving in the snow and ice.