After a series of confusing messages from the government it seems that the whole of the UK is in panic buying mode for petrol. Queues are forming outside most petrol stations and there have been reports of some forecourts running dry due to the increased demand.
Visits to this website have increased as well, up over 100% from the usual daily views. We hope that people find our petrol pricing map useful for looking for new petrol stations, or just checking when the price was last updated (if the price was updated then the station had fuel at that time).
If you want to look out for petrol stations whilst you are on the go we have a number of smartphone applications that you can download. All of these apps (for iphone, android, blackberry and windows) provide you with the same high quality petrol station data that can be found on this website.
What do you make of all the fuss that is being made about potential fuel strikes?