Petrol Prices Aberdeen

Aberdeen Petrol Prices

The residents of Aberdeen seem to be less concerned about petrol prices than the UK population as a whole. We at get less price submissions here per head than any other place in Scotland!. Is everyone happy with the price of petrol in Aberdeen, or is the public transport system so good that no-one drives anywhere?

Based on the information that we do have the prices in Aberdeen are roughly in line with Glasgow, Edinburgh and the UK as a whole. Infact if anything they are often a touch lower, perhaps 0.4p for unleaded and 0.6p for Diesel.

Aberdeen Petrol Price Commentary

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"North of Aberdean in Buckpool is a station selling fuel at 114.9 and 130.9 (unconfirmed). Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburies are jostling for the cheapest unleaded. Sainsburies have had conflicting reports of fuel at 108.9 or 109.9p yesterday, but they refused to confirm over the phone. A shame, as if it is 108.9p that is the cheapest we can find in the whole of Scotland! "

"Aberdeen has suffered the worst increase with a both Diesel and Unleaded up whole 1p on average from only 1 week ago."

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