Petrol Prices Edinburgh

Edinburgh Petrol Prices

Edinburgh petrol prices track quite closely to its larger neighbor Glasgow, and hence are always close to the UK average. The very centre of Edinburgh suffers from a lack of fuel stations, but has ample supply of cheap petrol located at the out of town supermarkets. As with most Scottish towns Shell has a large presence with fuel stations scattered all over the place.


Edinburgh Petrol Price Commentary

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"A central Sainsburies and Morrisons are fighting over the cheapest price and holding it at 110.9p, whilst Tesco out in Musselburgh is reported to be 114.9p and a BP in Livingston was 127.9p for Diesel a couple of days ago"

"Sainsbury cameron toll are giving the cheapest fuel (among others). Out in Witburn a service station is reported to be selling fuel at 116.9p and 126.9p"

"Unsurprisingly Edinburgh similarly prices to Glasgow with averages of 108.8p and 118.9p. Good old Sainsbury’s is the cheapest again at 105.9p and 115.9p (although they think it is going up tomorrow) but Morrisons is close at 106.9p and 116/9p.".

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