German Petrol

Buying Petrol in Germany

Having started in the UK, Whatgas is now collecting petrol prices and petrol station locations  in Germany as well as other European countries.

Germany has a diverse set of petrol station brands including Aral, Esso,  Jet, Shell and Total, with Aral and Shell being the market leaders. Germany has one of the highest number petrol stations in Europe, and one of the highest percentages of independent petrol stations, with 1 in 3 stations not being affiliated to the larger brands.

Germany is one of the most expensive places in Europe to buy petrol, and is one of the few places on the continent that is actually more expensive than the UK. This is driven by slightly higher petrol taxes. A new law in Germany is being considered that would require the petrol stations to give a days notice before changing petrol prices, and to keep them constant for at least 24hrs after any price movement.

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Here are the latest average cost of petrol in Germany (Euros) compared to the rest of the UK (pence)

Fuel Type German Petrol Price (cents/L) UK Price (p/L)
Unleaded 0 0
Diesel 0 0
LPG 0 0

Find Petrol Stations anywhere in Germany

Use the map below to find any petrol station throughout Germany. Simply click on the icons to get the latest petrol price (in Euros, this is Germany remember?) as well as other details about the petrol station. If a petrol price is out of date then please help us by updating it yourself, and if you find any petrol stations missing in Germany then please help us by adding a petrol station (click the Add Station button for instructions).

You will probably find the petrol stations locations helpful if you are planning a road trip to Europe and Germany!