Low emission parking

In my home town I've just noticed a new type of car park, its right in the city centre, and its for 'low emission vehicles only'. I didn't catch all the details but it looks like its a car park only for cars in tax bands A-D and for other vehicles such as motorbikes (and push bikes).

What do you think? Is this a good environmentally friendly idea, or just more bullying of the poor driver?

January 2012 Car Tax Bands

The table below gives the current car tax bands for 2011/2012 for cars registered after March 2001. The bands are based on the cars average CO2 emissions.  You can see that cars in bands A-D benefit from a lower tax rate in their first year, whilst cars in bands H-M are penalised in the first year.

For cars registered before this date any cars with an engine size up to 1549cc are taxed at £130 and for engines above 1549cc they are taxed at £215 Read more »

Car Tax Updates

Welcome to the Whatgas Car Tax blog. Here we will update you on any updates changes to car tax rules made in the UK. We have also included a handy form to look up which car tax band your car is in. See below:


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