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Electric Powered Cars - Details of How Electrical Cars Work and Are Used Throughout the World

Electrical Cars

Electrical cars run on the electrical power derived from battery packs carried on the board. They may use electric motors and controllers to generate energy instead of internal combustion engine (ICE). Another type of electrical cars are Hybrid cars which use both electric motors as well as other type of engines, but they are not considered as pure electric vehicles (EV) as they operate in charge sustaining mode. The electrical car fuel is the electrical energy stored in a capacitor or battery. Read more »

Biodiesel - Details of Using Biodiesel Fuels in Your Car

Biodiesel Fuels

Biodiesel fuel cars use a non petroleum based diesel fuel to run the engine. The biodiesel consists of a long chain of alkyl esters and are generally made by vegetable oil, animal fat and alcohol. Some diesel engine cars use the biodiesel blended with petro-diesel for combustion. Various proportions of the blend are available as car fuels. Read more »

Alternative Fuels - Options for Different Car Fuels

Fuel Alternative - Save Petrol and Save Money

by: Alan Drakovic

It is common knowledge that there are many ways to conserve fuel. A person can save money by just walking when going outside or riding a bus, train, or any other public transportation. If one wants to use his car every single day, there is still a way to save money, and that is through the use of a fuel alternative. Read more »

Convert Your Car to Run on Vegetable Oil

Should You Convert Your Car to Run on Vegetable Oil?

More and more bio-fuel stations are starting to pop up all across the United States of America and heated debates have started to take place regarding the environmental effects and overall feasibility of these mass-produced bio-fuels. If you are personally considering a way to lessen your carbon footprint, why not convert your car to run on vegetable oil? This is definitely the best option to date to turn you car into the ideal eco-friendly vehicle. Read more »

Vegetable Oil Powered Cars - Details of Using Vegetable Oils in Cars

Vegetable Oils in Cars

Vegetable oils are derived from different parts of plants especially the seeds. Vegetable oils are either used directly as a fuel or blended with various materials to reduce its viscosity to use it as a fuel. The viscosity of the vegetable oil fuel is lowered to the desired level for complete combustion. The vegetable oil fuels are extracted mainly through chemical processes. Another way of extracting the vegetable oils is through mechanical means. Read more »

Using Straight Vegetable Oil in Your Diesel Car

Adding Vegetable Oil to Diesel Engines

With the recent rise of Biofuels one type of fuel that often crops up is the Straight Vegetable Oil addition to Diesel fuel. This is very different to the normal  Biodiesel which requires a lot of clever chemistry to turn the vegetable oil into something more like Diesel. Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) is quite simply achieved by pouring vegetable oil into your fuel in your tank! (with some modifications to your engine first..) Read more »

Diesel and Unleaded - Details of Using Unleaded or Diesel Fuel in Your Car

Diesel and Unleaded Powered Cars

A diesel car generates energy using an internal combustion engine which operates using the diesel cycle. The engine used in these cars use the heat of compression to initiate ignition to burn the fuel. Unleaded fuel cars use gasoline or unleaded petrol for combustion of the engine. Read more »

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