articles on different types and sources of fuel

Solar Powered Gas - Details of Using Solar Fuel to Power Your Car

Solar Powered Cars

A solar powered car is an electric car with solar panels on it which capture the solar energy which is used for moving the car. The solar energy is converted into electrical energy by the photovoltaic cells. Solar powered cars are mainly used for demonstration, engineering exercises and solar car races. The use of solar energy as a fuel for automobiles is gaining high importance as the fossil fuels are getting depleted at fast rates. Unlike the normal internal combustion engine powered vehicles, solar powered cars do not pollute the atmosphere. Read more »

Hydrogen Fuel - Availability and Types of Hydrogen Powered Cars

Hydrogen Powered Cars

A hydrogen car uses hydrogen as fuel for powering motion. The hydrogen power plants convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy using one of the two methods namely, combustion or electrochemical conversion. The hydrogen fuel cars generate energy in the same way as common internal combustion engines. Read more »

Hybrid Cars - Advantages of a Hybrid Car

Why Buy a Hybrid Car?

Science and technology have highly-developed over the years at the expense of the earth s natural resources and environment. Pollution is one of the major causes and with the proceeding increase of the population; scientists are finding know-hows to save what is left. Read more »

Tesco Petrol Prices and Petrol Station Locations

Tesco Petrol Prices and Fuel Types

Tesco is one of or if not the biggest supermarket chain in the UK.  They operate on 3 continents and provide a huge range of services and products, but can the motorist benefit?  It certainly seems so, as millions of us buy our fuel from them everyday.  What can you expect from Tesco petrol stations and what incentives are they offering? Read more »

Asda Petrol - Asda's Current Fuel Prices

ASDA Petrol Prices – Saving you money on petrol today

Sainsburys Petrol - Todays Fuel Prices at Sainsburys

Sainsburys Fuel Prices and Filling Stations

Consumers have numerous choices when it comes to purchasing fuel.  Supermarkets are growing in popularity with their convenience and keen prices.  Sainsburys have been selling fuel since the 1970’s at supermarket sites and as they are one of biggest supermarkets in the UK it makes them a popular choice.  With incentives such as reward points on fuel purchases, this now could be a good time to investigate what they have to offer. Read more »

Morrisons Petrol - Todays Fuel Prices at Morrisons

Morrisons Petrol Prices and Fuel Stations

There are numerous choices for where to buy your fuel today but you need to make sure you are paying the best price and being rewarded for your loyalty. Register for a fuel card for buying petrol at Morrisons and collect vouchers for the supermarket to help reduce your weekly shopping bill (details as of Feb 2011) Read more »

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